Hi I’m Jeremy, a fun loving,
unconventional image making,
creative minded photographer

I see things from a different perspective.. not because there's anything wrong with my eyes or because I'm ridiculously tall, but I guess because I've taught myself to be a photographer and as such I've come at it from a different angle to others that may have had some more traditional training.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2014 and live in St Albans, Hertfordshire, but I'm happy to travel anywhere for work, you know, London, Birmingham, Nassau.....

Prior to taking the plunge into photography I studied architecture and worked in architectural practice for a while I then spent several years in the fine diamond jewellery industry before escaping into the Hertfordshire underworld. Today I survive as a soldier of fortune..... hang on sorry....... today I get to make a living doing something that makes me and my customers happy.

“I 100% HAVE THE


OK, except maybe musician or F1 driver or professional cricketer,
pro golfer, expert food & beer taster (is that a job or just a dream)....
....but it is a bloody good job

How do you price the pure creativity, pure energy,
pure emotion, pure happiness into a shoot?
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