PR & Events photography is usually fast paced and a lot of fun. I don't mind a bit of fun myself so I always enjoy this style of photography, but I don't just turn up and snap away, I always contribute to the ideas to make sure that the client gets the best photographs.
Architecture has always been a passion of mine and this combined with the fact that I have a degree in architecture gives me a great advantage when it comes to photographing architecture. One thing you need for great architectural photography is patience. Patience for the right weather to turn up and in the UK that can be a long wait! However, it is worth waiting for as I hope these images demonstrate.
I love food and so it comes as a natural extension that I love photographing food. I've been luck enough to photograph food for great chefs like Phil Thompson of Thompson's St Albans as well as many others up and down the country.
I started my photography career when I was working in fine diamond jewellery manufacture, cutting my product photography teeth on things like diamond rings, sapphire bracelets and ruby pendants. My experience with jewellery has put me in the best position to photograph all types of product, particularly anything highly reflective!
Interior photography is a natural extension of what I do on the outside when shooting an architectural photography assignment. Although the two disciplines come hand in hand they are technically quite different and it takes skill to get the best photographs of interior spaces.
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